NTCIR-11 Conference

Oral Presentations

For Task Participants

This page is for participants in NTCIR-11 tasks.

Instruction for Oral Presentations for NTCIR Cnference


Some participants will be selected for each task to give an oral presentation of their work at the NTCIR-11 Conference. The selected participants was contacted by the task organisers.

Presentation time

Presentation time varies depending on the task.


All presentations must be in English.


A projector and overhead projector are available. You can use your own PCs.

In the case you don't bring your own PC, we will prepare a laptop computer, Microsoft Windows 7/XP, Microsoft Office 2010/2007 and Adobe Reader 8.0/XI installed. (Note that this computer and softwares are all Japanese version.)
If you wish to use our PC for presentation, please bring your presentation data on a USB memory stick.


Oral presenters who wish to distribute handouts (e.g., hard-copies of slides or any other materials ) at the conference - Please provide and bring sufficient number of copies for audience at the conference.


Presentation and Poster files

Presentation slides and posters are very informative to know the achievements of the researches done in NTCIR-11. We recommend you to provide us your files.

If you agree to make your presentation materials publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings, please make your poster and/or presentation ppt files into PDF format and rename your files with all the required information as followings:

NTCIR11-[TASK]-[Family Name and Iinitial of the paper's first author]-['poster' or 'slides']. pdf

For example:
Task - Math, First Author of the Proceedings paper - Noriko Kando


Please rename the files as below:

-file name of the poster:

-file name of the slides:


And please send them to: ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp during conference or after the conference (We are glad if you send us by Dec 19, 2014).



If you have any questions, please contact: ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp

Last modified: 2014-11-17