Call for Task Participation

The 12th NTCIR Workshop (2015 - 2016)
Evaluation of Information Access Technologies
Conference: June 7-10, 2016, NII, Tokyo, Japan

Call for Participation to the NTCIR-12 Tasks:

Call for Participation [Flyer]
Task Participation

NTCIR is a periodical event held once per one and half years, which aims to promote research on information access technologies by forming a community and test beds incorporated by many research groups for experiments. The twelfth NTCIR, NTCIR-12, now calls for task participation of anyone interested in research on information access technologies and their evaluation, such as retrieval from a large amount of document collections, question answering and natural language processing. We welcome students, young researchers, professors who supervise (many) students, researchers working for a company, and anyone who is interested in informatics.

The registration for NTCIR-12 Task Participation has just started.
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NTCIR-12 Aims

Evaluation Tasks

NTCIR-12 Program Committee has selected eight tasks including five Core Tasks and three Pilot Tasks and one additional Core Task. For more details, please visit
Task Overview:
Slides for task introduce at the NTCIR-12 Kick-Off Event:
and the each task's homepage.


[IMine] (Search Intent and Task Mining) :

  • IMine: Search Intent and Task Mining

[MedNLPDoc] (Medical Natural Language Processing for Clinical Document) :

  • MedNLPDoc: Medical Natural Language Processing for medical DOCuments

[MobileClick] (Mobile Information Access) :

  • MobileClick: Direct and Immediate Information Access for Mobile Users

[SpokenQuery&Doc] (Spoken Query and Spoken Document Retrieval) :

  • SpokenQuery&Doc: Spoken Document Retrieval from Spontaneously Spoken Query

[Temporalia] (Temporal Information Access) :

  • Temporalia: Temporal Information Access

Additional CORE TASKS (add: 10th July, 2015)

[MathIR] Mathematical Information Retrieval:

  • MathIR: Mathematical Information Retrieval


[Lifelog] Lifelog Task:

  • Lifelog: Personal Lifelog Search

[QALab] (QA Lab for Entrance Exam) :

  • QA System for Real World Problem Including University Entrance Exams

[STC] Short Text Conversation Task:

  • STC: Given a microblog post, retrieve a coherent and useful response.


Registration for NTCIR-12 Tasks

Please visit:
'What participants must do' page:
'How To Participate' page:

Important Dates

(Event with * may vary across tasks.) For the latest information, please visit the 'Important Dates' page:
30 June 2015Task Registration Due
01 July 2015Document Set Release *
July-Dec. 2015Dry Run *
Sep./2015-Feb./2016Formal Run *
01 Feb. 2016Evaluation Results Due
01 Feb. 2016Early draft Task Overview Release
01 Mar. 2016 Participant Paper Submission Due
01 May 2016 All Camera-ready Paper Copy for the Proceedings Due
07-10 Dec. 2016NTCIR-12 Conference & EVIA 2016, NII, Tokyo, Japan



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Contact Us

For inquiries regarding NTCIR-12 and each task, please see: 'Contact Us'

We are looking forward to your participation !

NTCIR-12 Program Co-Chairs:
Makoto Kato (Kyoto University, Japan) and Kazuaki Kishida (Keio University, Japan)

NTCIR-12 General Co-Chairs:
Noriko Kando (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
Tetsuya Sakai (Waseda University, Japan)
Mark Sanderson (RMIT University, Australia)

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